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Hilong’s Shenglong Inspection wins the bid for PetroChina's in-line inspection project

Date:2020-08-20 | Read(523)

(August 14th, 2020, Shanghai) In early August, Shenglong Inspection, a subsidiary of Hilong Group, won the fourth segment of PetroChina’s Qingtie (Daqing-Tieling) No. 3 pipelines and other three pipeline in-line inspection projects including the of PetroChina Pipeline Branch – Φ508 mm Cangzi (Cangzhou-Zibo) pipeline in-line inspection project. The winning of the bid signifies a vital breakthrough by Shenglong Inspection in the pipeline internal inspection market.


Shenglong Inspection will conduct magnetic flux leakage inspection for the two segments of the Φ508 mm Cangzi line with a total length of 216 km, including verification pigging, geometric deformation testing, three-axis high-resolution magnetic flux leakage testing, pipeline centerline testing and strain assessment, and excavation verification, and submit the corresponding test report and data.


For the PetroChina Pipeline Branch magnetic flux leakage in-line inspection project, we will use the magnetic flux leakage tool independently developed by Shenglong Inspection. This tool integrates three functions—deformation detection, magnetic flux leakage inspection, and centerline mapping. With this integrated composite detector, we can acquire deformation, corrosion, and pipeline centerline data through a single run, which can reduce the risk of  additional runs as well the inherent inspection costs.


"The selection of Shenglong Inspection by the PetroChina Pipeline Branch to provide magnetic flux leakage in-line inspection technical services is not only an opportunity for us, but also indicates the trust they have in our capabilities." Said Zhao Xiaoguang, General Manager of Shenglong Inspection. "The pipeline inspection market in the first half of 2020 has been adversely affected by the epidemic and the drop in crude oil prices, but we have achieved significant growth through our superior inspection technology, active market expansion, and integration of internal resources.


Founded in 1970, PetroChina Pipeline Branch has a comprehensive oil and gas pipeline business system. It plays the role of an incubator in China's oil and gas pipeline business and is a cradle for training talents in the industry. Headquartered in Langfang City, Hebei Province, the company operates and manages a total 17,800 km of oil and gas pipelines. It is responsible for the operation and management of the northeast energy strategic channel, the nationally important crude oil and product oil pipeline network, and for the construction of the Sino-Russian east-route natural gas pipeline. PetroChina Pipeline Branch serves as an important bearer of national energy security and energy supply.