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Hilong Shine New Materials Marine Coating business completes coating of 1,500th ship

Date:2021-02-02 | Read(929)

(January 28th, 2021, Shanghai) In January 2021, the Panamanian-registered foreign ship "M/V WAN AN" docked at Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard, where Hilong Shine’s epoxy anti-corrosive  paint, multi-purpose epoxy tie paint, and HilonCare TBT Free  Self-Polishing Copolymer Anti-fouling paint, as well as other high-performance products were applied on the ship. This successful completion of the 42000 DWT bulk carrier drydocking project, marked M/V WAN AN as the 1500th ship to be serviced by Hilong Shine Marine Coatings, and created a new milestone in Hilong Shine’s business development.

Hilong Shine officially entered the marine coating business in 2015 after successfully establishing a foothold in the oil pipe coatings market. After 5 years of operation, and thanks to its independent research and development of various coatings such as the anti-fouling paint system, cargo holds abrasion-resistant coating system, industry-leading environmentally friendly water-based coatings, and other unique anti-corrosion solutions, Hilong’s marine coatings have become the first choice of numerous domestic and foreign ship-owners for daily maintenance and drydocking projects. Among them, HilonCare anti-fouling paints have currently been used by more than 400 domestic and foreign shipping owners.

"After several years of development, we have been able to overcome the impact of trade conflicts, sluggish shipping business, and the continued decline of the shipbuilding industry, and have grown into an emerging  force in the field of marine coating. Our marine coating products are on the same level as the most advanced international companies in terms of product line, product quality, technology, service and application." said Ren Weidong, President of Hilong Shine New Materials, "We will continue to increase investment in further technology research and development, innovate marketing strategies, and strive to provide superior products with excellent quality and service to customers, and live up to the trust of customers in Hilong."

He stated that in the past year, despite various unfavorable factors like the pandemic, complex and changing business trends in China and overseas, and huge fluctuations of  raw material prices, Hilong Shine has steadily improved its performance and achieved a 40% year-over-year increase in sales of marine and protective coatings, and has become one of the few coating companies in the industry with remarkable sales growth