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Hilong Marine Engineering Limited Successfully Completes Bangladesh Channel Deep Trenching Project

Date:2021-06-25 | Read(816)

(June 1st, 2021, Shanghai) Hilong Marine Engineering Limited (Hilong Marine) set a world record for the deepest trenching of submarine pipelines in the industry with its Bangladesh Installation of Single Point Mooring and Double Pipeline Project and successfully completed the deep trenching of all four channels on May 30th, an undertaking that lasted 5 months.


It was a challenging task as the geological conditions and sea conditions on the route of the project’s submarine pipeline were complicated. Towards the end of the construction period, with the advent of the rainy season, the increasing flow rate frequent and severe sediment back-siltation, continuous slope collapse, Worse still extreme wind and wave conditions. Hilong Marine worked on continuous optimization of key construction equipment and construction plans, steadily improving the construction efficiency. Finally, two construction vessels, Resiliant and SK Marco Polo, were put into operation concurrently, and the deep trenching construction of the last channel was completed ahead of schedule, in only 19 Construction days.

"Hilong Marine Bangladesh Project has achieved resounding success in the deep trenching construction of all four channels after trenching,  setting the world record for the deepest trenching of submarine pipelines in the industry. This achievement proves that Hilong Marine’s construction technology and management have reached the world's advanced level." Hilong Group’s CEO Wang Tao added, "We will continue to improve our technical capabilities and strive for project management on par with international standards in the execution of large-scale marine engineering projects like submarine pipeline laying and offshore structure installation. We remain committed to providing our customers with integrated marine engineering services—from design to construction, maintenance, project management, and pipeline material supply."