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Hilong Group's Robot Project passed SHEITC acceptance

Date:2021-06-25 | Read(867)

(June 22, 2021, Shanghai) Hilong Group’s 2018 Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Innovation and Development Special Project "Development and Industrial Application Research of Multi-dimensional Perceptual Inspection Robot System for Petrochemical Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Robot Project") recently passed the on-site acceptance of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization (SHEITC). This milestone marks the successful completion of this major scientific research project that lasted for two and a half years.

At the acceptance meeting, the acceptance expert group reviewed the report on the overall status of the project development work and inspected the robot system function demonstration and testing status, the Hilong petrochemical industry safety detection and intelligent analysis center, the robot production and assembly workshop, as well as the robot engineering experimental test base. The expert group also scrutinized the project inspection report, technical report, audit report, and other related materials. They verified and discussed related issues pertaining to the assessment index requirements of the project agreement and concurred that the project met all assessment indicators and agreed to approve the acceptance status. The Hilong Robot Project has completed the independent development, promotion, and trial of the multi-dimensional perception inspection robot system. It has obtained 23 national patents (12 invention patents) and 10 software copyrights, pertaining to several high-precision technologies like image recognition, voice recognition, big data fusion, intelligent navigation, and obstacle avoidance in the current artificial intelligence field. The project has established numerous multi-functional intelligent robot systems.

On-site inspection tests of the Hilong multi-dimensional perception inspection robot system were conducted in Dagang Oilfield and Xinjiang Tarim Oilfield. The robot system offers a comprehensive solution for oil production plants to develop unmanned field stations, while replacing manual inspections. Additionally, it can reduce the risk of casualties in high-risk industries, and ensure the safe and sound operation of the petrochemical industry. It has played an active role in promoting the digital transformation and intelligent growth of the petrochemical industry in field perception, remote control, and collaborative environment.

Xu Changxue, the Chief Engineer of the Group, speaking on behalf of the Group, expressed his gratitude to the Shanghai municipal governments at all levels for their support of the Hilong Robot Project. He pointed out that the robot project is a major scientific research project of Hilong Group's industrial transformation and growth. The successful completion of the project has not only accelerated the growth of Hilong's robotics business but has also marked Hilong’s foray into the new direction of industrial intelligence industry, laying a solid foundation for Hilong's transformation and diversification into emerging industries.

"In the future, Hilong will continue to strengthen and improve various technologies and seize new opportunities for artificial intelligence to empower the development of the oil and gas industry. It will strive to accelerate the growth of Hilong's intelligent manufacturing industry, and promote intensive development and application of artificial intelligence technology in the oil and gas industry, while consolidating the prime positioning of the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center." added Xu Changxue.

The acceptance meeting was hosted by the Development Research Center of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization. Around 30 people were present, including leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, experts of the acceptance expert group, Chief Engineer of the Group Xu Changxue, as well as members of the Group's Science and Technology Development Department, Group Financial Management Center and the project’s R&D team.