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Hilong Won the Second Prize of Shanghai Key Product Quality Research Achievement Project Award

Date:2021-09-28 | Read(464)

(September 18th, 2021, Shanghai) On September 17th, the "2021 Shanghai Key Product Quality Research Achievement Project" Award jointly issued by the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology was announced. Shanghai Hilong Oil Drilling Tool's " key quality performance research for 120S high-strength corrosion-resistant drill pipe drilling in harsh environment" project won the second prize of Quality Research Achievement Project Award, which has demonstrated the latest achievements Hilong has made and its strong innovative strength in technology and quality. 


The project research team has started the design based on quality functions, and carried out in-depth research on user needs and related standards. Combined with R&D and production experience, the team has tackled various technical problems and improved performance to meet the international standard, although constrained by the triple constraints - quality, cost and schedule. Breakthroughs in raw material alloy composition design and quality control technology have been made in the project, as well as innovation in numerous key technologies like heat treatment technology.

This project has raised the strength level of sulfur-resistant drill pipe, moreover, the HLIST special joint thread developed in the project has also been written into the international oil drill pipe Standard DS-1. Through the evaluation of a third-party, internationally-recognized laboratory, the performance indicators of 120S high-strength corrosion-resistant drill pipe for drilling in harsh environment have reached the international advanced level.

"The product, after quality improvement, has broken the monopoly of foreign products and filled the gaps in the domestic industry. It has successfully nailed down the contract of high-steel grade sulfur-resistant drill pipe for ultra-long displacement horizontal wells on artificial islands abroad, and has brought significant economic benefits, which enhances competitiveness of “Made in China” in the international high-end market." said Hilong Group Chief Engineer Xu Changxue: "This award is an affirmation of our technical and quality innovation work for drilling tools, and an incentive for our quality management work."

As a long-term quality improvement measure in Shanghai, key product quality research aims to encourage and guide enterprises to concentrate their superior resources, focus on key quality issues, and employ advanced quality management theories, methods and tools to make quality technology innovation, improve quality performance, and enhance quality and achieve benefits. A total of 50 projects have been identified as Shanghai key product quality research results in 2021.