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Hilong Oil Service successfully passes first supervision and audit after obtaining API Spec Q2 certificate for drilling and workover

Date:2021-12-16 | Read(195)

(November 29, 2021, Shanghai)  Hilong Oil Service & Engineering Co., Ltd. took the lead in obtaining the first drilling business API Spec Q2 certificate and second workover business API Spec Q2 certificate among domestic oil service companies at the beginning of this year. Following this achievement, the Hilong Oil Service Iraq project and the Oman project recently passed the first supervision and audit of API Q2 certification.

Hilong Oil Service began the work to receive certification in 2019. The backbone of the company’s QHSE Department, Oman Project Department and Iraq Project Department undertook a thorough study of the system’s content and actively implemented the standards term by term. The departments prepared all required materials in detail and carefully previewed the review process. Finally, at the beginning of 2021, Hilong Oil Service successfully obtained the first drilling business API Spec Q2 certificate and the second workover business API Spec Q2 certificate among domestic oil service companies.

The first supervision and audit after the certificate collection lasted 5 days. The audit content covered all the requirements for the API Q2 standard. The audit team carefully inspected the quality management system’s operation of the two project departments since the last certification audit. The team confirmed the closure of non-conformance items found in the first certification audit and focused on the performance of the company’s services and the provision of service-related products.

Wang Xianglei, Vice President and General Manager of Oil Service of Hilong Group, said: “Passing API Spec Q2 certification and the first supervision and audit shows that we meet advanced international oil service industry standards in the QHSE management system. It proves that we are able to provide customers with high-standard, high-quality oilfield services. By passing this certification, Hilong Oil Service is better positioned to explore the high-end international market, which is crucial to the company's long-term development."

API Spec Q2 is a set of service quality management system for service providers in the oil and natural gas industry issued by the American Petroleum Institute. It is currently one of the most stringent management system certifications in the world. Establishing and operating the API Spec Q2 system can help upstream oil and gas companies to improve the supply chain level, reduce the risk of NPT and catastrophic accidents, and provide a basis for ultimately reducing the risks of the entire industry.