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Hilong researcher awarded Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone Outstanding Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent

Date:2022-01-07 | Read(84)

(December 31, 2021, Shanghai) During the recent Shanghai 2021 Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone Outstanding Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Commendation and the "Zhangjiang Star" Enterprise Cultivation Work Exchange Conference, Ouyang Zhiying, Director of Hilong Tubular Research Goods Institute, was awarded the "Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone Outstanding Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent." This recognition highlights the results of Hilong's successful technological innovation and talent development strategy.


Dr. Ouyang is mainly engaged in research on the development and application of new oil drilling tools. He is a lead expert for international standards of the National Petroleum Tubular Goods Standards Committee as well as a failure analysis expert for petroleum special pipes of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. In recent years, he has led a research team to conduct in-depth on-site investigations on demand and systematically study products such as HLV150/U165 high-strength drill pipes, HL120S high-steel grade sulfur-resistant drill pipes, and HLUDS special threaded drill pipes. Many of the studies he is involved in have reached an advanced level that is equal to similar international products. This work has broken the monopoly of foreign technologies, providing effective solutions for the exploration and development of oil and gas resources in complex conditions. The related new products and technologies have generated over 850 million yuan in revenue in the past three years, and many of the team’s achievements have earned awards including the Shanghai High-tech Achievements Transformation Award and Shanghai Quality Research Results Award.


"Hilong Group focuses on technological innovation and talent development strategy. In recent years, it has cultivated a group of industry experts, technology leaders and young talent. Dr. Ouyang’s award affirms the Group and its researchers. It has greatly spurred on the scientific research personnel to devote themselves to scientific research," Xu Changxue, Chief Engineer of Hilong Group, said. "I hope that our Hilong scientific researchers will keep working hard, fully leverage their exemplary and leading roles, and constantly make great contributions to innovation and entrepreneurship. It is also Hilong’s responsibility as a city-wide science and technology innovation center and science, part of the main technology innovation demonstration enterprise established by Baoshan District, Shanghai."


The 2021 Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone Outstanding Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Appraisal and Commendation Activity is jointly organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Promotion Center Construction Office and the Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. It strongly promotes the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition, it leverages the exemplary role of outstanding talent, while also uniting and leading city-wide talent to jointly promote the construction of a science and technology innovation center. The 2021 award selected 100 outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial individuals whose work covers four categories: improving scientific and technological innovation ability, supporting high-end industry leadership, enhancing potential for competing internationally, and optimizing innovation and entrepreneurship ecology. The award reflects characteristics of Zhangjiang with its high-end talent aggregation and outstanding key industries, which are distinguished by being highly advanced, representative and exemplary.