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Hilong Introduces CWC Products

Date:2013-05-06 | Read(3705)

May 8, 2013, Shanghai—Hilong unveiled its concrete weight coating (CWC) product during its three-day promotion event from April 22 to 24 in Shanghai.
As a new weight balancing product for offshore oil, CWC is significant in terms of strategic offshore oil development. The CWC system consists of cement, water, aggregate and reinforcement material, with a coating characteristic to steadily fix pipelines on the seabed and provide effective mechanical protection. Compared to compound pipes, CWC can save a large amount of steel, reduce workforce during pipeline installation and lower operational costs.  
As one of the domestic leading CWC manufacturers, Hilong has introduced a cutting edge CWC production line and equipped it with professional management and technical staff. The production line, completed later last year, is ready for production.
Hilong has adopted world leading technology that can ensure the maximum single pipe coating length of 18 meters and thickness of 40mm to 180mm. “This leads both the domestic and international markets,” said Fang Junfeng, General Manager of Hilong Energy Chemical Business.” Several companies have reached consensuses with us to cooperate,” he said.
According to Fang, Hilong CWC production capacity will reach 100,000 tons, 60% of which will target international markets.
During the event, Xu Changxue, President of CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute, said that “Hilong’s CWC technology has ended the monopoly position of overseas companies and provided technical insurance to jointly develop the offshore pipeline coating market with partners.”
Hilong President Zhang Jun emphasized Hilong’s product positioning as “consistently fulfilling the practical needs of oil fields and providing them with products and services via advanced technology.” “The event provides us an opportunity to learn more about new requirements on tubular goods and oil & gas development and urges us,” he continued, “to study and design new and high-end products that can better suit oil field requirements.”
Roughly 200 people from over 100 companies including CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, Baosteel and many more attended the event and visited Hilong’s research facilities, plants and the CWC workshop to view the pilot production.