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【Oil Service】Hilong Obtains New High-End Drilling Services Contract
Competitiveness Further Recognized in Global Markets

Date:2014-10-21 | Read(3634)

(October 22nd, 2014, Shanghai) Hilong has signed a contract with Petromanas Albania GmbH to provide land drilling services in Albania with a 3,000HP drilling rig HL-30.

With a contract period of 2+1+1 years, HL-30 will begin operations between December 2014 and January 2015.

“Winning the contract is a testament to Hilong’s global competitive strength in onshore drilling services being recognized by world-class international oil and gas companies,” Executive President Wang Tao said. “It also represents Hilong’s significant breakthrough in the development of new regional oil services markets. Moving forward, Hilong will continue to expand cooperations with internationally renowned customers and to develop oil services throughout the global markets. ”