Offshore petroleum Engineering

Hilong Marine Engineering (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is specializing in the offshore petroleum engineering business. The company currently owns a non self-propelled shallow water pipe-lay derrick barge “Hilong 106”. Its maximum lifting capacity is estimated to be 3000 tons at 30 meters under the condition of fixed lifting and 2000 tons at 35 meters under the condition of full rotary lifting. The barge is capable of laying pipes at a depth of 300 meters underwater with a diameter of 4 to 60 inches (including coating layer), and it is equipped with internationally advanced S-type pipelaying operation system, such as 2 sets of combined 100t tensioner and 1 200t A/R winch, etc. The barge, which hangs the Hong Kong flag and can accommodate 310 people, has been certified by the American Classification Society (ABS). It can undertake large-scale offshore construction projects such as offshore structure installation, submarine pipeline laying within 300m underwater, as well as submarine pipeline repairing and maintenance.